Allison and Braden–A Romantic Oakbrook, Illinios Feature Film

Oakbrook, IL

She giggled and read the text he sent her early in the day. “He’s so cute!” she exclaimed. For Allison and Braden, the chilly December day was perfect for the progression of their story…not to mention a convenient date for the biggest event of their lives: 12.13.14. Just as the numbers go in order, so did Allison and Braden’s day—prep at the Hyatt on the McDonald’s campus in Oakbrook, a simple, heartfelt ceremony, then hours of dancing into the night. Details at the reception unfolded more of Allison and Braden’s story: plaques declaring how love has grown and progressed between the two of them, inviting guests to stay refreshed, warm, or full of spirits, as the case may be! A late-night serving of McDonald’s Hamburgers brought the kid out in everyone, from the couples on the dance floor to the burger juggler in the crowd, to the wacky moves of bride and groom as they jumped and swayed to the music. The most captivating part of the day? Braden and Allison’s eyes for each other. A caress here, hands touching, a sigh of contentment. Every moment when Allison or Braden reached for the other confirmed this was the right place to be. We can’t wait to see how the rest of your story progresses. Thanks for letting us be a part of it!