Kanoe and Mike

Milwaukee and Thiensville, Wisconsin

Soft summer rain. Dreamy island leis. A strong, warm sense of love, family, and commitment. Kanoe and Mike’s June wedding was wreathed with depth and legacy, making this outdoor celebration (at Shully’s The Watermark in Thiensville, WI) one for the record books. We had the privilege of not only filming this enchanting couple, but also interviewing both sets of parents. Decades of two strong marriages have set a high bar for Kanoe and Mike, but that seems a challenge both bride and groom want to meet and exceed. While the photographers shot images of Mike, Kanoe murmured to me (Laura) without taking her eyes off her man, “We’ve seen what it means to live a life committed to another. We know what we’re promising each other today.” And it showed. In the vows they wrote to each other. In the people who flew across the globe to support them. In the smiles that quirked Mike’s lips and the light that sparked in Kanoe’s eyes each time they caught sight of the other. Kanoe and Mike, thank you for inviting us into your story…seeing the legacy of love you both hail from, we know nothing but good will come from this day. A special thank you to Ashley and Danielle from Midwestern Bride for helping make the day seamless, to The McCartney’s Photography for partnering with us to provide the best coverage for our couple, and to Shully’s for providing an incredible venue!