Katie and Joe–Classic Milwaukee Wedding video!

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Two words to describe Joe and Katie would be fierce loyalty: for their city, their faith, their families, and each other. A chilly November morning dawned bright and clear, and despite the chill, Joe and Katie excitedly awaited the time they would be husband and wife. Katie got ready surrounded by her ladies at the Hyatt in downtown Milwaukee. The guys hung out playing games and getting ready to watch one at Joe and Katie’s new apartment. They met at the Old Saint Mary Parish for a meaningful ceremony, then commenced their afternoon of fun. Joe and Katie know the city well, having both come from Milwaukee, so they knew exactly where to go: South Shore Park, where Katie braved the bitter temps like a champ for stunning photos and video against the skyline. Back to Joe and Katie’s place for a hot chocolate warm-up while enjoying “the game.” Then on to the Milwaukee County Historical Society for a classy reception with dancing into the night. What struck us about Joe and Katie was the strength of their roots. High school sweethearts, both happily returned to the city of their childhood, taking pride in their shared faith, close family, and in the city itself. The Historical Society proved a most fitting location for celebrating a couple so connected to their city. And each other. And the giant wall safe from the 1800s was pretty cool too Congratulations, Joe and Katie! We are so thrilled to have been a part of this next chapter in your story!