Liz and Jake

Harvard, Illinois

An unseasonably warm breeze ruffled the lure in Jake’s front breast pocket. An avid fisherman, Jake’s hobby leant an appropriate metaphor for his relationship with his beautiful bride: patience and a quiet determination eventually won her affection and led to this perfect fall day where Liz and Jake pledged their love as man and wife. In keeping with the theme of hometown weddings, we know Liz and Jake from our church, Willow Creek, and it changed the pace of our season to know a majority of the bridal party and guests attending! Friends helped decorate the room at the Starline Factory in Harvard, IL, where both ceremony and reception took place. One of our pastors, Steve Carter, performed the meaningful ceremony full of words Liz and Jake wrote themselves. Tony Sorrentino and Gina Young, two Willow Creek musicians, provided live music for the first half of the evening, and one of the groomsmen MC’d the party. Liz and Jake, thank you for inviting us to capture this amazing celebration of your love and commitment. We know only good things will follow! God Bless!