Sarah and Grant

Harvard, Illinois

Sunshine spilled through the floor-to-ceiling windows as the audience rose in their pews. Sarah swept up the stairs at the back of the chapel, accompanied by her father, and steadied herself on his arm before proceeding down the aisle. Grant’s eyes filled with the sight of his bride, joy and expectation and celebration meeting in one perfect moment. Sarah and Grant’s September wedding at the Starline Factory in Harvard, IL reflected all the patience and planning of the venue itself: a work in progress already showing the fruits of their labors. As the Starline’s renovated spaces showcased gorgeous exposed brick, restored hardwood floors, and deep oiled wood accents, Sarah and Grant’s relationship sparkled and shone through the meaningful ceremony (performed by Grant’s uncle), the details of the reception (a party designed to include every guest), and the commitment the bride and groom gladly made to each other. A cord of three strands is not easily broken. Nor will their relationship be. Sarah and Grant, thank you for letting us into your story of waiting and working. We know you’re set on a solid foundation and wish you the best to follow!