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 29eleven Productions, a 7-year-old company, is backed by over 25 years of video/production experience. We specialize in luxury wedding cinema.

Kevin Koesterer

Lead Cinematographer   /Editor

Owner/operator of 29eleven Productions, Kevin has been working in the production arena since high school. Radio production, live audio for events, video producing, directing, and editing…there is little in the way of live event coverage that Kevin hasn’t worked. Passionate, focused, and extremely particular, Kevin’s strong work ethic drives him to continue improving himself and, by extension, his company. He loves gear and uses his extreme knowledge of production equipment and editing techniques to deliver a unique, cutting edge product to you.

Laura Koesterer

Cinematographer/Kevin’s wife

Laura is fairly new to the production side of the wedding industry, though she’s carried a deep love for love stories her entire life. An English Lit major and 10 years as an up-front communicator, Laura is passionate about understanding every couples’ story and helping to craft the perfect film for you. Details are Laura’s specialty, so anything particular you would like noted or any question you need answered, ask away. She’ll make sure it’s covered!

Vanessa McCormick


Vanessa loves meeting new people, eating (too much) and drinking lots of coffee. Making memories is important to her, so photography and film-making has become an incredibly fun part of her life. She loves documenting love . Being newly married, she remembers the frenzy of the big day. With so much going on, there are little moments that may easily be forgotten and she loves being the person who gets to hit record so that no special moments fall through the cracks.

Danyel Boliaux


Danyel is a final year college student at Roosevelt University. Originally majoring in film studies, Danyel later switched her major to Education, but still enjoys working with film. Danyel is a self-taught cinematographer and continues to learn more every day. Along with film, she has great passion for non-profit organizations and loves incorporating these two together whenever possible.

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